Fuse Boards

Fuse Boards by GR Electrical Services

If your fuse board is old, reaching the 25 year mark – it may be time to invest in a completely new fuse board, safe and functional. Fuse boards, otherwise known as consumer units, are the beating heart of any and all electrical installations!

They protect your circuitry from overloading, eliminate the chances of electrocution and ensure electrical fires do not kickstart.

Modern fuse boards are far more superior to the installations of old, largely because of their Residual Current Devices! RCD’s are an essential safety device, legally required, intended to protect against personal electric shocks.

With a modern fuse board’s ability to decrease the risk of major hazards and detect even the most minute of wiring faults, you can rest in the knowledge that your fuse board is keeping your property safe – come morning, noon and night.

Upgrade Today

Avoid your fuse board falling behind industry standard, and keep the electricity running through your property in check. Our fuse board services are also particularly useful for new builds – old properties aren’t the only ones that may need a brand new installation or upgrade!

All of our work, especially when it comes to our new fuse boards, is fully compliant with current IET regulations. Compliance is key to the success of our business, and we are qualified up to the 18th edition. Be assured, we are also fully guaranteed and insured: by reminding you of this, we guarantee you that our fuse boards are above board and more than able to be installed in your home or business.

So, if you’re in need of a functional fuse board – modern and updated to regulation standard – look no further than GR.