Rewires by GR Electrical Services

Over time, as your wiring degrades, your property may require partial or full rewiring. What rewires do is simple – we bring your wiring and circuitry into the modern age, ensuring the continued safety and wellbeing of your home or business.

As a general rule, PVC twin and earth cable – the most frequent wiring within a building – lasts around 25 to 30 years. Of course, quality of the cabling and method of installation holds great weight in the longevity of your wires. We’d usually advise at least partial rewiring at the 25 year mark. Any time after this, you run the risk of increasingly dangerous electrical hazards.

Safety First

If you are in a very old building, old rubber wiring may still be present. Such wiring could be without circuit protective conductors such as earth wires – a recipe for disaster! Consider replacing the wiring with a GR Electrical specialist.

We come out to your property as soon as we are able, ensuring the continued safety of people in your home or business. Electric shock and potential fires are just two examples of the many electrical hazards that can run rampant when your cables deteriorate into breakdown.

Electricity is used day in, day out, around the clock. As such a significant part of our lives, it’s essential that electricity is kept safe and in check. With increased use of electricity, technology has also advanced at a rapid pace!

Keep up with the changing tides of electrical wiring with our safe rewiring services. Be assured, even if a full rewire is required, we do our utmost to be as non-disruptive and stress-free as possible.